pill makerThe redevelopment of Western's Medical Artifact Collection has been made possible with generous financial support from the Associated Medical Services – Hannah Institute for the History of Medicine Development Program and the UWO Innovation in Teaching Fellowship Program. We would like to acknowledge the institutional support of Western University through the Departments of History and the History of Medicine, the Teaching Support Centre, the Instructional Technology Resource Centre, Information Technology Services, and the Work Study Program.

Curator: Shelley McKellar
Collections Manager: Michelle Hamilton
Public History Interns:  Caitlin Dyer; Adriana Ayers; Jasmine Fong; Frank J. Smith;Thora Gustaffson; Kat Bezaire
Research: Rebecca Woods; David Lucas; Becky Witteman
Website: Nick Haffie-Emslie; Emily Du; Jasmine Fong


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