Treasures from the Collection

Summer 2012 - Winter 2013


Displayed in Lawson Hall, 2nd Floor


The Medical Artifact Collection consists of over 1000 objects which represent the teaching and practice of health and medicine in southwestern Ontario during the 18th and 21st centuries.  The objects show the breadth of the collection, including  items related to surgery, dentistry, ophthalmology, anatomy, cardiology, pharmacopoeia, military medicine, and phlebotomy.  These artifacts range from the oldest (lancet, late 1700s) to the most recent (membrane lung, 1970s), from the ubiquitous (battery) to the rare (Lister spray), and demonstrate how Western faculty have made medical headlines (lung).

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medicine chest membrane lung cupping and bleeding kit
vernoy's family switch battery amputation kit lantern carbolic spray


Acknowledgements and Credits


Research: Michelle Hamilton; Shelley McKellar; Adriana Ayers; Jenn Nelson

Exhibition Design and Installation: Michelle Hamilton; Shelley McKellar

Collections Technician: Adriana Ayers

Conservation: Holly di Prospero

Graphic Design: Rita Kelly, Inprint

Archival Support: Anne Daniel; Theresa Regnier, Western Archives

Photographic Support: Barry Arnott, Western Archives

Online Exhibit: Jasmine Fong