The March of a Great Man: Dr. Edwin Seaborn (1872-1951)


Spring/Fall 2012

Archives and Research Collections Centre in Weldon Library

Dr. Edwin Seaborn’s association with the University of Western Ontario began as a student in 1891. Any of his work that followed, he later recalled in his writings was nothing but a sincere tribute to his fellow founders in the Medical Department. Lecturer, researcher, professor, commanding officer, and historian, Seaborn remains a fascinating and relevant character in our University’s long list of impressive alumni.

Within two years of completing his medical degree in 1895, Seaborn assisted as a Demonstrator of Anatomy, occupied the Chair of Anatomy, and held a professorship position in Surgery; all of which he maintained until the beginning of the First World War.

Seaborn was instrumental in our Nation’s response to the global conflict, serving as a Commanding Officer at the No.10 Canadian Stationary Hospital in France. Following the War, Seaborn returned to London, and many of his previous duties, including a private medical practice.

Active in the London and Middlesex Historical Society, Seaborn collected many rare documents, diaries, letters and records from local residents, which he complied in his 1944 work, The March of Medicine.

Reading through Dr. Seaborn’s personal materials, which he graciously donated to various archive and artifact collections, you gain clear sense of Seaborn who held a sympathetic interest in his fellowman. His attention to detail in his professional writings illustrates the historical relevance of the ordinary man, their pursuits, ambitions, and pleasures. Through this modest display of his life, it is possible to uphold his values and preserve the accomplishments of Dr. Edwin Seaborn.


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